Agile working

Agile working
Ergonomic positioning
The interest in flexible working and especially in the benefits of using home as an alternative workplace is stronger than ever, so we have brought together some healthy working essentials to make your office at home a safe and productive work environment.
When using a computer at home, the use of ergonomically designed products can improve body posture, reduce aches and pains and generally increase energy levels. Whether using a desktop PC or a laptop, the same basic rules apply:
  • Keep your screen directly in front of you.
  • Adjust screen so that it is level with your eyes.
  • Position screen approximately an arm's length away.
  • Position keyboard and mouse so that your forearms are horizontal.
  • Sit upright with your feet and back supported.
  • Take regular breaks
The products at have been selected for their ergonomic excellence and ability to make the most of small working spaces.
Ergonomic products