Visual-q has established a network of dedicated consultants, offering specialist services to help our clients improve the welfare of their employees.

On-site DSE Assessment
An on-site DSE project will include individual workstation risk assessment with a combination of observation, measurement and interview covering subjects including IT equipment, furniture, posture, environment, work routine. Training will be given on a one to one basis in aspects of health display screen equipment use and each user will be given a copy of HSE publication and our own 12-point guide to setting up a workstation as an aide memoir. We will present 'signed off' assessment forms together with a comprehensive risk report, which collates risks and follow-up actions. If equipment or accessories are required we will recommend appropriate products and suppliers.

Fully Managed DSE Service
We can offer comprehensive DSE risk assessment and ergonomic assessment managed services to companies who want us to provide a holistic approach to ergonomic risk management. Using either computer based HEALTHY WORKINGinternal link or our on-site assessment service as a base, additional levels of care can be introduced.
  • Telephonic intervention.
  • On-site intervention.
  • DSE triage.
DSE Training
On completion of this one day DSE Assessor Course the delegates will have
  • Examined the impact of ergonomics on the workplace.
  • Discussed the implementation of the DSE regulations (1992).
  • Evaluated hazards and risks related to workstation use.
  • Walked through the stages of a DSE risk assessment.
  • Developed a process and checklist for carrying out a DSE risk assessment.
  • Carried out a DSE assessment at a user's workstation.
  • Reviewed feedback and learned from practical DSE assessment.
  • Created a personal action plan for carrying out DSE assessments.