Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic Products
Visual-Q provide high-quality ergonomic products for computer users in the office, at home and on the move including laptop stands and kits, laptop and monitor arms and height adjustable desks.
Using a laptop stand makes a lot of sense for your personal well-being. Many a headache, stiff neck or more serious condition is relieved by assuming a correct ergonomic working posture and laptop stands help achieve this.
If you are travelling frequently with your laptop, then the weight of your ergonomic accessories is an important factor. Compact keyboards not only save space and weight in your bag and desk space, but also serve a very positive ergonomic function: The absence of the (RH) numeric pad in favour of integrated numbers allows the mouse to be used much closer to your body and so reduces stretching.
Laptop Arms are the ultimate solution for anyone looking at ergonomic laptop working. A laptop arm offers a laptop user the means of positioning their screen in precisely the right position for ergonomic working and completely clearing their desk for other activities.
The Monitor Arm has an advantage over conventional monitor risers and that is that it leaves the desk completely clear for other work activities. Monitor arms can support two or more monitors or any combination of monitors, laptops or tablets and can provide the perfect solution for multi-screen working.
Height adjustable desks are designed to promote an active work routine, these height-adjusting desks and desktop risers allow computer users to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the working day.
Our agile working products are a collection of essential items to support agile working at home or on the move. Work in comfort and create an ergonomic workstation wherever you are.