DSE Risk Assessment software

DSE Risk Assessment software – Healthy Working®

We offer a complete on-line compliance solution for ergonomics and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk with Healthy Working® -the e-learning and solution developed by market leaders Cardinus and the choice for 2,000 of the world’s largest organisations.

Healthy Working® provides a tailored ergonomics training course for employees coupled with a self-assessment tool which helps them reduce their own risk. Residual risk, follow-up tasks and interventions are managed through the comprehensive administration and reporting system.

As specialist resellers of this software solution since 2002 we have worked alongside Cardinus on projects with government agencies, large corporates and SMEs to meet the needs of their workforce whether they work at home or in the office.

For more details about Healthy Working® and our other DSE services please visit our dedicated site DSE Risk Assessment UK